Helicopter Booking for Marriage in Kurukshetra

Helicopter Booking for Marriage in Kurukshetra

Book Helicopter for Marriage and Wedding in Kurukshetra

Kuruksherta is very lovely destination for a wedding. What else you need if you have a beautiful location that makes your perfect wedding more memorable. However, if have to enjoy your day to the fullest you have to add something unique concept that mesmerize everyone and if you are thinking food and decoration will make your wedding out, you are wrong. These aspects won’t remember by the guest for a long time so if you want to make your wedding super special that we are offering one of the best notable concept that adds innumerable stars in your wedding and the name of this wedding booster exit is a helicopter yes being a renowned image in the market a helicopter not only used for transportation but also use in a wedding for the various purposes. Such as rocking grand entry, private fly after wedding, flower showering on bride and honeymoon transportation. If you go with helicopter booking for marriage kurukshetra is the best decision that you have ever taken in your life because it’s not save your time but also adds glamour touch in your wedding.

So start your day with bang and make each and every moments of your wedding unforgettable. Our helicopter services are also offer you the chance to directly after wedding at your honeymoon destination without any stress of traffic, airport long runway and a flight delay. However, you can also visit see sighting of a plawal by a helicopter booking for a marriage Palwal and spends some quality hours with your newlywed partner.

Top Incredible Places Of Kurukshetra That Make Your Private Fly More Memorable

   •   Bharma Sarovar: This lake is dedicated to the Lord Bharma. It is believed that Bharma create mother earth from this saravor. According to the mythological believe devotees who come here and take dip bharma will wash their all sins.

   •   Krishna Museum: This museum has various artifacts of Lord Krishna from 1st century to 11 century AD. The museum housing six galleries also the showcases statues in the forms described in the Bhagvata purana and Mahabharata.

   •   Sthanshewar Temple: It is believed that Pandavs obtained the blessing of Lord Shiva in Sthanshewar temple. The temple has statute of Shiva Linga which is believed to be first idol of Shiva in a phallic form.

   •   Sannihit sarovar : This sarovar is a meeting point of seven tributaries of a saraswati river and the home of Lord Vishnu. It is 550 ft width and 1500 ft in height and it is believed that people who take bath on the day of Amavasya would fetch the fortune of aswanedha yajna.

Your marriage is one of the most important days of your life; add a touch of glamour to your special with helicopter booking for marriage Kurukshetra . Our services are designed to cater your unique needs on your special day and our representatives always give their best so that you can relax and enjoy your day to the fullest.