Helicopter Booking for Marriage in Kota

Helicopter Booking for Marriage in Kota

Book Helicopter for Marriage and Wedding in Kota

Your wedding day is truly special day. It is the start of wonderful journey of two soul mates that start their loving life from their wedding day. Every couple thinks of unique and extra special wedding because this is once in a life time occasion It’s your day, and helicopter booking for marriage Kota will make your day super memorable. No matters, whether you live in Kota or you thinking for destination wedding in Kota, you can find many splendid wedding venues along with that you have a great opportunity to visit magnificent Kota places and also your guests will enjoy the breathtaking heritage beauty of Kota.

The Best See Sighting Places Of Kota That Make That Can Be Your Mini Moon:

   •   Khishor Sagar and Jag mandir: Kishor sagar was built by Bundi prince Dehra Deh. It is a picturesque artificial lake and located by the side of majestic Brij museum. A jag mandir is built of shimmering red sand stone and it is located in middle of the Kishor Sagar Lake. In day its looks so breathtaking when the shadow of the mandir reflect on the lake.

   •   Seven Wonders Park: If you never be visit seven wonder across the word? Don’t worry. This place gives you the same experience of a real seven wonders. These include Taj Mahal, Statue of liberty, Great pyramid, Eiffel tower, learning tower, Christ the Redeemer of Brazil and colosseum . These wonderful miniatures have been built on the bank of Kishor lake. So this lake also enhances the beauty of this park.

   •   Kota Barrage : It is a fourth construction in the chmabal valley, during monsoon it’s all gates are open, it create magnificent view with its gushing waters. The bridge is always crowded by the peoples because this is the only place in Kota where you can see waters roars like an ocean and appears natural scenic beauty.

   •   City palace: This palace reflects the past royal powers of Mugals. The palace is adorned with beautiful wall paintings, mirrors ceiling and breathtaking marble flooring. This palace is rich in art and archeological structure.

How Can Helicopter Booking For Marriage In Kota Make Your Wedding Super Memorable?

Don’t let your wedding entry ordinary if there is helicopter services are available in jaipur for the only make entry stunning. So just use it and walk out like a prince and princess from the helicopter. It’s not only made your wedding environment cheerful but also gives you confidence of real VIPS’S.

   •   Wedding is all about bride and little bit about groom. So if you wondering for unique exit for your loved one flower showering is the best surprise for your loved one. When bunch of flowers falls from the fleets of heights by helicopter it only mesmerize everyone but it become ice breaking moment of your wedding.

Helicopter is a dramatic exit. Using a helicopter in wedding is the correct decision you can make it. If you are denying only for a cost then private helicopter rent cost is less than as you may think. This exit is unique, affordable and enchanting. If you are looking for something different, do helicopter booking for marriage Kota and give surprise to your newly husband or wife by helicopter services.